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To Go or Not To Go: Gallery Weekend Berlin

© Gallery Weekend 2018

Here it is; the 14th edition of Gallery Weekend Berlin (April 27-29th) is starting in less than a week, and I am eager to find new talents, cool art events and unique exhibitions around Berlin. From blockbuster gallery shows featuring works from art world darlings at galleries like Sprüth Magers or CFA to a variety of afterparties held by König Galerie and Peres Project, you have to set your priority straight.

© Ahmet Ögüt Castle of Vooruit Foto: Dirk Pauwels

To avoid clashing events during Gallery Weekend, art institutions like Julia Stoschek Collection, Salon Dahlmann and nGbk are hosting their openings on Thursday, April 26th. It is perhaps too ambitious to go to all of them, perhaps nGbk’s opening with an outdoor intervention by artist Ahmet Öǧüt will be a good bet.

© Andro Wekua and Spruth Magers

Behold, art lovers; Friday, April 27th marks the official D-1 of the Gallery Weekend. Artists including Huma Bhabha, whose works which are currently on view at Met Museum’s Rooftop Garden will also have a solo show at Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin on Friday, along with a concurrent solo show of Raymond Pettibon. Another guaranteed packed opening will be at Sprüth Magers who will feature three artists Andro Wekua, Senga Nengudi and Kara Walker. König Galerie, Esther Schipper and Niels Borch Jensen Galerie’s exhibitions will also draw a substantial crowd with their shows. Emerging artists like Yu Honglei, group shows of emerging artists at Studio Picknick, Open house event at ZK/U or fresh art graduates group show are a preferred choice if you wish to discover emerging and new talents. To celebrate openings, as usual, there will be afterparties, and no matter which gallery afterparty you end up at, it will always be fun.

After an intensive day-one opening strolls and hangovers, perhaps “Rooftop Playgronud” hosted by Michael Fuchs Gallery will be a more relaxed and fun event to start the second day. Attending an artist talk featuring Tim Eitel and Erik Verhagen at Galerie Eigen + Art will also be an afternoon option. If by this time I can still walk and talk, I will make sure to visit Ngorongoro II, a group show featuring over 150 artists with works ranging from paintings, sculptures, film and photographies with notable names like Bruce Nauman, George Condo and so forth. Participatory artists have to be invited by his or her peers to exhibit under this 8000sqm studio-environment space- it will be a unique Gallery Weekend experience unlike anywhere else. Let’s hope that I will remain fit -both physically and mentally- by Sunday, I will make sure I make up some of the events which only happen this weekend like Ngorongoro II. There will also be Charlottenwalk which is a gallery tour including visits to over 30 galleries in the area of Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf districts in Berlin. By this time, drinks is a must either at Skybar or Monkey bar for a scenic Berlin view to mark the end of my Gallery Weekend marathon.

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