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To Quasimodo

It's been a while since we last spoke.

We laughed and danced in your bell tower.

I remember it like yesterday.

I miss you my best friend.

How are things going with Esmeralda?

Do you still cover your mouth when giggling?

Your smile is the truest.

Your eyes are the kindest.

Be patient and she will see you.

I hope to see you again in my dream.

It has been over a decade.

In one of my childhood dream, I became best friends with Quasimodo, the Hunchback. I still remember the dream like yesterday. It felt real and gave me immense happiness when I woke up the next day. Every child had an imaginary friend, and it has been an honour to have you as mine, Quasimodo. In memory of the Notre-Dame fire...

“He therefore turned to mankind only with regret. His cathedral was enough for him. It was peopled with marble figures of kings, saints and bishops who at least did not laugh in his face and looked at him with only tranquillity and benevolence. The other statues, those of monsters and demons, had no hatred for him – he resembled them too closely for that. It was rather the rest of mankind that they jeered at. The saints were his friends and blessed him; the monsters were his friends and kept watch over him. He would sometimes spend whole hours crouched before one of the statues in solitary conversation with it. If anyone came upon him then he would run away like a lover surprised during a serenade.”

Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

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